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What People are Saying…

"I could listen to you talk all day. You inspired me to finally start doing something about my problems."

"Thanks to Julie's teaching, I have grown spiritually in ways I never thought possible. I now understand what God's love and grace truly mean."

"The principles Julie shares can change your life!"

"Your material is so rich and wonderful. It's just incredible!"

Julie Morris is the author of twelve books, a sought-after motivational speaker, and the founder of Step Forward, a Christian weight-loss program and Guided By Him—a lighter and easier version of Step Forward.

After a life-long struggle with overeating and the health problems that went with it, in 1982, Julie began discovering how to rely on God’s power to help her lose her harmful extra pounds and keep them off. She delighted in sharing the life-changing biblical principles she learned and began writing books and speaking across the country. Her success stories in applying God’s Word to real-life problems inspire audiences and readers alike. 

Julie has been a Bible teacher for over 30 years and works as a lay counselor at her church. She previously worked as a secretary at the Pentagon, Spanish teacher, Coronary Intensive Care nurse and supervisor of a large hospital medical-surgical unit. The mother of two grown children, she is married to her college sweetheart and lives in Birmingham, Alabama, where she is at work on her next book.

Some of Julie's Speaking Topics:

Be Guided By Him…to a Thinner, Not So Stressed-Out You!

Explore practical ways to lose the weight and worries weighing you down! Learn how to rely on God's power when you lack will power and deal with stress by casting your cares on the Lord, not the refrigerator.

Step Forward to the New You!

Learn how to work the Christian 12 Steps that will lead you to a more intimate walk with the Lord and help you to let go of hurts, habits and hungers that hinder your relationship with Him.

Turn your Worries to Worship

Discover the antidote to anxiety as you learn biblical principles that will help you to stop worrying and start living life to the fullest.

From Worthless to Worthy

Overcome feelings of inferiority as you get God’s promises from your head to your heart. Discover how to accept God's unconditional love for you the way you are and let Him transform you into the person you have always wanted to be.

From Disorganized to Disciplined

Experience God's harvest of righteousness and peace by learning innovative ways to become more disciplined with your time, thoughts, words and actions.

From Misery to Ministry

Let God turn your misery to ministry as you discover specific things you can do to surrender your hurts to Him and allow Him to use your hurts for your good and His glory.

Breaking Free—Walking in Truth

Learn practical ways to fight the devil’s lies and live in the freedom of God’s grace


Julie’s Conferences are Inspiring... and Fun!

There is never a dull moment when Julie speaks! Her personal anecdotes, practical tips and step-by-step instructions show those who attend her conferences how to cooperate with the Lord and experience His transforming power.

Her unforgettable props, funny skits and inspiriting dramatic presentations help them to remember the life-changing things they learn so they can start applying them to their own circumstances as soon as they get home!

Julie would love to work with you to plan an incredible event for your church! Her fees are negotiable and she makes every effort to keep them affordable. She will be glad to discuss this with you and will even tell you how your church can make one of her conferences a money-making project to fund other activities. E-mail her today!

Why Julie Speaks:

Julie says, “God has done such amazing things in my life, turning my weaknesses to strengths, and my misery to ministry. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see this process reproduced in others when they hear my words of encouragement and apply the biblical practical principles I teach.”